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You Are Mine

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A naughty collection of 3 stories about W/W intimate relations.

1.Ana and Erica are living together, they can not afford to not show their love for each other. When one of the girls decided to leave, she realizes that he can not live without her half.

2.Ashley is living alone. After a failed relation with a young man and she decides to find ...a DOM. But this time her attempts fail, she did not manage to find the man about she dreaming, instead, she finds the one that will dominate her better than a man.

3.Veronica and Adela are enemies for a long time. One of the girls, Adela, secretly dreams to have sex with another and she can not resist to temptation. Everything would be extremely simple, but Veronica wants not only to have sex but want to dominate her rival.
Warning: These sexy stories contain sexual content and are meant for mature audiences. If W/W sex and strong BDSM content are not your things, you might want to skip this one*

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