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The Emperor's Concubine

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While still a virgin, Calpurnia is taken from her home to be sold as a slave in Rome. Her first owner refrains from deflowering her, so does the second. Apparently, her virginity is being preserved for the pleasure of the emperor Tiberius, to whom she is given as a gift. Once Tiberius deflowers his prize at court, she embarks on a tempestuous affair with the handsome Sejanus, the emperor’s right-hand man. He introduces her to the pleasures of pain and sexual submission, whipping, caning, paddling, bondage and nipple clamps. Calpurnia is quickly enthralled.

But when Tiberius makes a present of her to his nephew, Claudius, her affair with Sejanus is brutally ruptured. Claudius elevates her to the trainer of all his bed companions. When he takes on a new slave-girl, Griselda, the two girls start a passionate affair during which Calpurnia discovers the varied pleasures of lesbian sex – and threesomes with one of their master’s slave boys. However, when Caligula succeeds Tiberius as emperor, they experience first-hand Caligula’s cruelty and depravity. After Caligula is murdered by his guards, Claudius is named the new emperor and Calpurnia his official concubine. She’ll assist his wife, the notorious Messalina, with her orgies and sexual excesses. However, this slave’s fate is hardly fixed and there’s more is in store for the insatiable Calpurnia.

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