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THE FORGOTTEN PLANET (Unabridged): Including the Magazine & Novel Versions

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This eBook edition of "The Forgotten Planet" has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
A planet had been seeded for life by humans, first with microbes and later with plants and insects. A third expedition, intended to complete the seeding with animals, never occurred. Over the millennia the insects and plants grew to gigantic sizes. The action of the novel describes the fight for survival by descendants of a crashed spaceship as they battle wolf-sized ants, flies the size of chickens, and gigantic flying wasps. Interestingly, this novel is a combination of three different science-fiction tales "The Mad Planet", "The Red Dust" and "Nightmare Planet" which were heavily revised by Murray Leinster to form a coherent story. This edition thus brings to you both the versions of this famous sci-fi story in one convenient edition for your ultimate pleasure!
Novel Version
The Forgotten Planet
Magazine Version
The Mad Planet
The Red Dust
Nightmare Planet

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