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Paratime Police: Complete Sci-Fi Series: Police Operation, He Walked Around the Horses, Last Enemy, Temple Trouble, Genesis, Time Crime, Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen & Down Styphon

675 pages10 hours


Musaicum Books presents to you the complete Paratime series, formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all dvices.
The Paratime series deal with an advanced civilization that is able to travel between parallel universes with alternate histories, and uses that ability to trade for goods and services that their own, exhausted Earth cannot provide. Specifically, the Paratime series deals with the Paratime Police, the organization that protects the secret of paratime travel.
Table of Contents:
He Walked Around the Horses
Police Operation
Last Enemy
Temple Trouble
Time Crime
Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen
Down Styphon!

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