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Insomnia: EDEN miniatures, #11

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"And so yes, here I am, lying awake through the night, wondering about the Rumantschness of it all, with a picture in my mind of a posse of guardian llamas, chilling in the grass, chewing the cud, an air of sophistication about their general nonchalance, and the flock or the herd or the peep they're supposed to look after just nowhere to be seen…"

In Insomnia four short pieces take a curious look at the quirkinesses of our existence, from the tentative but thoughtful proposition of a Connexum, to a poetic portrait of The Fire Breather, to a succinct treatise on the problem of the giraffe taking a shower in QED, right through to the paradoxical challenges of sleeplessness. 

EDEN miniatures are twelve texts from EDEN by FREI – a concept narrative in the here & now about the where, the wherefore and forever, first published online.

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