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Dragon Mate (Dragon Shifter Romance)

48 pages33 minutes


Kent is a firefighter and a dragon. Two things that don't go together, but it works for him. He pulls Melanie out of the fire. When she stops breathing, he revives her with his kiss. Only his kiss. That means she's his mate. Will the realistic and pragmatic technical writer ever believe in love at first sight? Kent has a big job ahead of him convincing Melanie that not only were they made for each, but that he's a part-time dragon. An uphill battle that Kent is willing to take on because the alternative is that he'll live his life alone. Not wanting that, he does his best to convince Melanie that they were truly meant for each other. Not just a passing fling!

*** Standalone short story, no cliffhangers. ***
WARNING: Containing mature language and steamy hot scenes, intended for 18+ eyes only!

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