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Saved By The Tiger SEAL (Shapeshifter Romance)

38 pages30 minutes


Anita is alone in a strange land, working hard to forget about George, her sleaze ball cheating ex. When the opportunity arrives for her to organize the American ambassador's charity ball she throws herself fully into the role, eager to please her new boss. On the day before the event she is called to a security meeting where the enigmatic and dominant James Miller tells her that some of her plans have to be changed. James makes her look incompetent in front of her boss and Anita takes an immediate dislike to this handsome alpha male.

At the ball she is dismayed to find herself sat next to James for the whole evening. She doesn't want to let another man get under her skin and fights hard against his charms. But is this a battle that Anita can win? The evening takes an unexpected twist and James reveals more than she ever expected!

**Standalone short story, with no cliffhangers.**

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