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The Dragon's Mate:The Clan Book 3: Paranormal Romance

23 pages17 minutes


Everything has changed. With the death of a clan member looming over him, Llewellyn finds himself with an impossible decision. Allow Alana to go through the ritual, knowing that the clan members will, likely, call for her blood or send her far away across the sea and face the wrath of the clan himself. Knowing that the clan would never allow him to mate with her now, he believes he has no other option but to send her away secretly. But, when Alana discovers his plan, she is determined not to leave Llewellyn or the only place she has ever truly been able to call home. Now, as the full moon approaches, neither of them know what fate awaits them. Will Alana and Llewellyn be able to stem The Clan's lust for vengeance? Or, does the hatred between their people run so deep that not even love can defeat it?

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