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Black Knight Blindfold: A Zachariah Gerant Thriller

351 pages5 hours


Former Royal Marine and special forces operative Zachariah “Zulu” Gerant has the skills and abilities the global media giant Kroetze Group are looking for. As Zulu retires from “The Corp” in the early 1990s, at the very start of the information age, he finds himself in another deadly game. As the most powerful drug cartel on the planet tries to seize control of the Kroetze Group he must again use the skills he honed as a Swimmer Canoeist in the elite, secretive Special Boat Service. He faces betrayal and deceit in his fight to keep himself and his loved ones alive. Undeterred he shuttles back and forth between the US and the UK as he uncovers the truth and pulls away his blindfold.

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