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T-Garçon of Grand Isle

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In the 1920s, following the death of his parents, young Alphonse Henri Caillet moves to his grandmother’s home on Grand Isle, a tiny island off the coast of Louisiana. Islanders have no bridge, no electricity and no running water. Alphonse tries to fit in at Grand Isle school, but bullies tease him and give him the nickname “T-Garçon.” Alphonse and his grandmother have little money, but they find inventive ways to supplement their meager income. His grandmother is a healer—a traiteur—and a midwife. Alphonse takes on a summer job entertaining wealthy children from New Orleans who vacation on the island. He fulfills his wish to search for Lafitte’s treasure. T-Garçon’s wise grandmother does her best to raise him to be an accepting, responsible, God-fearing young man. Above all, she wants Alphonse to have an education. She loves rearing her grandson, and Alphonse begins to thrive in her care on this tiny island of legend and lore where neighbors help one another.

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