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Positive Thinking: The Power In You

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Everyone can benefit from more positive thinking
Do you want to attract good things to your life?
Would you like to tackle all life's challenges with the best mindset?
Are you hungry for success and want happiness in life?
There are some who believe in the power of positive thinking, while others shun the whole idea.
But ask yourself one question. What could you lose by thinking more positively? In this book, Positive Thinking: The Power in You, you can discover ways to positively alter your manner of thinking and develop a skill that will improve your life experiences, with ideas like:
Enhancing your self-esteem
Conquering your fears
Eradicating procrastination
Guided visualization
Improving relationships and careers
The power really is within you to have a more positive outlook on life. This book aims to guide you to take the first steps to a more confident and optimistic future while offering rational insight and ideas. Delve into the art of happy thoughts with Colin Wilson.

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