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Mr. Beast: Naughty Tales

244 pages


This isn't the fairy tale you remember. I'm a real beast. 
In the boardroom and the bedroom. 
Until a car accident ruined my f*cking life. 
I broke my leg, and my damn arm. 
Now I need a nurse to tend to me. 
Sponge baths and physical therapy until I heal. 
Grace is the perfect solution. 
She's deliciously attractive, with legs that would wrap around me perfectly. 
A real beauty. 
And the way she can't keep her eyes off my body? 
She wants to heal all my wounds. 
But I can't let her get close. 
See my scars. 
Feel my pain. 
I have to protect her. 
Because after all this is over, 
I'm going to make her mine. 

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