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World of Cakes



Luxembourg is one of the smallest European countries, smaller than Rhode Island. Luxembourg is probably best known for its financial industry. Its investment fund industry is second only to that in the United States. Luxembourg is also the seat of the European Court of Justice Luxemburg. But Luxembourg also has a great variety of cake shops - patisseries. The quality, creativity and number of great family businesses is far greater than to be expected in such a small country. What is the secret? The cake tradition has influence from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and some are local traditions. It is like a cross roads of cultural influence. The authors pf this little guide sampled cakes and cake shops during a year in Luxembourg. The book gas many pictures taken before the enjoyable consumption. Luxembourg City also has many valleys connected with stairs, so you can work off the extra calories simply by walking. If you bring a copy of the printed book to Paul's in Luxembourg, they will sign it. You can ask, if they have a promotion.

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