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The Hellions



They've been the closest of friends since their first year of college. Both women are very attractive, well educated, and successful, with one major problem in common; they have had rotten taste in men. They often find their intimate conversations landing on the ongoing man issue.
While Darla has still been slogging through the on-line singles scene, and ending up in bed with her vibrators more often than not, Missy has found a new direction. For the past six months she has been involved in a strict Dominance and Submission culture. Originally curious, the lifestyle has enthralled her. She has embraced it with a passion and feels right at home in it's complexity of pleasures. Finding this unexpected happiness has improved her life tenfold, and she now wonders how her friend will react to this change in her world and if she might not understand it.

Story contains standard, legal, sexual situations with consenting adults for an audience 18+ years of age.

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