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Claimed by the Bears (Bear Shifter MFM Menage Romance)

57 pages47 minutes


Elizabeth is a bright college student at Dillard college in New Orleans, Louisiana on an environmental internship. She's studying the endangered black bear population when she has her first encounter with Louisiana voodoo culture. She brushes it off as a parlor trick and soon forgets it when she meets Jake, a handsome Louisiana man with a knack for communicating with and tracking bears. While appreciating his talent, Elizabeth soon leaves him because Jake starts making claims that his reason for finding the bears is because he can transform into a bear himself. As a scientist, Elizabeth tries not to let the supernatural undercurrent of the Cajun city dull her judgment. When Jake's handsome friend Chris enters the picture things get messier as Elizabeth wrestles with the supernatural and her building feelings for two men who may or may not have magical powers. When Elizabeth upsets a voodoo priestess, she and the men must run for their lives into the woods. The time alone in the woods makes Elizabeth wonder if she has to choose between Jake and Chris—or if she can have them both? 

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