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Me And My Hittas 3: Me And My Hittas, #3

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A casualty on the frontlines brings the emergence of one of the most feared gangsters to have ever picked up a flag and gun, O.G PAYBACC. The Original Gangsta Killa wants blood to answer for the murder of his comrade, and he'll stop at nothing to see the man responsible dead. 
Although thought to have been dead, GOUCH wakes up inside of the basement of an old factory to a mysterious man. The evil genius has big plans in store for the thug.
GANGSTA is granted his freedom thanks to a key witness's murder. He enters back into society to find his hood under attack and a close relative in the hospital teetering between life and death. He realizes the problems he left behind in jail are nothing compared to the ones he faces in the outside world. 
Will he walk away from the street life in search of greener pastures or will he hold it down in the war alongside his hittas?

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