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Naughty Seductions

43 pages39 minutes


This two book erotica bundle contains two stories of seduction so hot they might melt your ereader! BE WARNED: These are not your typical erotica stories...

This outrageously hot 2 book bundle includes the titles Seduced by My Boyfriend's Parents and My Naughty Neighbors.


Lisa has met the perfect guy. He's sensitive and caring. However, he won't take their relationship to the next level without the blessing of his parents.

Lisa attends a barbecue at their house, but her boyfriend Don unexpectedly has to leave. To find out if she is right for their son, Don' parents seduce Lisa and take her into the wildest sexual experience of her life.


Ashley’s neighbor Nicole seems pleasant enough, but when Nicole invites her over, Ashley finds that her new neighbor has a wild side.

Ashley wants a friend, but Nicole seems slightly crazy.

Nicole is a controlling woman, and jealous of Ashley’s beauty.

Within Nicole's home, Ashley finds herself the subject of Nicole’s lust.

And then Nicole’s husband comes home...

Warning: This book contains graphic descriptions of sizzling hot explicit sex.

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