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The Dragon’s Baby - Dragon Shifter Romance

67 pages1 hour


Serena meets Jacob in the most unexpected way and quickly becomes a willing prisoner in his lair! 

Serena Jeffries is an ambitious reporter who just wants to land a big story so she can have the freedom to pursue her own writing and art career. She finally gets a story that could help launch her career in the right direction. That's when she meets Jacob Lawton. He is a reclusive half-dragon who reluctantly helps Serena when she gets injured. But once he finds out that she's a reporter determined to write an article about him, he decides to keep her as his prisoner! When Serena and Jacob develop feelings for one another, she has to decide if her career is more important or her love for Jacob? 

Jacob falls in love with her but doesn't know if she can handle living in relative isolation with him. Can he let her make the choice to leave even though his dragon instincts are to keep her captive forever? 

*** Standalone short story, no cliffhangers, with happily ever after ending. ***

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