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Elf Saga



Although still in her teens, Brie, a highborn elf girl, has experienced a lifetime of one trauma after another. Her strong-willed determination, and the support of her surrogate family and friends help her to continue her quests.

Striving for knowledge, becoming a healer and saving the elves from extinction are her self-imposed challenges. She realises that it is impractical to save the entire population and in any case, there are undesirable elements that do not deserve to be saved.

Sara suggests that forming a club might be a good way of selecting desirable elite elves. Brie and Sara somehow find the time to nurture budding romances.

Is the fate of Atlantis really sealed? Are the dragon's predictions and the seers' visions accurate? Will the elfin race survive, and if so, where? And, what will become of the silver dragon? The answers all lie within

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