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A Shift in Time: How Historical Documents Reveal the Surprising Truth about Jesus

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A “bold and eye-opening” new theory about when Christ lived, set out with “meticulous and clear” scholarship by the author of The Jesus Mystery (Professor Robert Eisenman, author of The New Testament Code).
While researching the historical Jesus, a Swedish scholar discovered a strangely consistent anomaly. An unnamed messianic figure written about by first-century historian Flavius Josephus bore a striking resemblance to the Jesus of New Testament accounts—but was active twenty years after Jesus died. Delving deeper, the author soon found that this twenty-year difference was precise and persistent throughout contemporary documents.
Did the writers of the New Testament purposely shift the events of Jesus’s life to a more peaceful time before the first century’s Jewish revolt? And for what purpose? Exploring the similarities between the two figures, including their renown, their followings, and historical events, this carefully considered volume posits that the true origin story of the Christian world may diverge from accepted scholarship.

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