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Under False Flags: A Novel

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A “blastingly realistic, impeccably researched” World War II novel set during the brutal Battle of the Bulge—where two enemies must become allies (John Enright, author of Fire Knife Dancing).
As the Germans launch their counterattack on the advancing Allied forces, two men separated by country are about to find themselves on the same side of the war—their own.
For American GI Wendell Lett, any dreams of glory in battle have been crushed by the horrors he’s witnessed. Then he meets a kind, caring Belgian woman who offers him salvation from the carnage—only to be torn away when he’s pushed into a reckless, pointless false flag mission. In order to live, he has to run.
German seaman Holger Frings is far from the oceans he hoped to sail when he is chosen for a risky assignment he knows will end with his death. To make it back in one piece, he must do the unthinkable—disobey his superiors and desert his countrymen.
Soon, in the war-torn Ardennes, fate will throw Lett and Frings together—where they will confront the war that has betrayed them, turn on the ruthless overseers who would doom them to death, and work together to get out alive . . . in a story that “clearly brings forth the thoughts, fears, and hopes that run through a soldier’s mind” (Historical Novel Society).

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