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Alien Assignment

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Jim Orr is a hard working computer programmer. As a reward he gets fired.
A goon tries to abuse Jim, as Jim leaves. Jim defends himself and the goon dies.
As a result, the only job that Jim can get is a very strange job, out at the edge of town.
Jim slowly realizes that he’s working for space aliens.
Jim and his language translator then develop a romantic relationship.

I get arrested and the police take me down to headquarters and put me in a jail cell. I ask to speak to a lawyer, now, but the police ignore me. However, since goon boy is dead, the police take the security camera footage.

I manage, from my cell, to flag down a passing lawyer. I tell the man, “I need a lawyer now. Get me Winston Eller Smith. I can pay his kind of fees and I want enough damages money to make it well worth his time.”

I don’t get Winston Eller Smith. I do get a junior lawyer, from his office.

I lecture the junior lawyer, “I was attacked, through no action of my own, by an employee of The Lozenge Corporation. I black out, during times of violence, so I had no idea what happened after I was attacked. I only later find that I disassembled goon boy, who died. I will not survive a night here in jail. I can pay even the fees of Winston Eller Smith, I have a lot of stock or bond investments.”

The junior lawyer asks me, “Did you request a lawyer, when the police arrived?”

“I told the police, ‘I want to talk to a lawyer, now.’ The police ignored me.”

The junior lawyer tells me to wait a few minutes. He then wanders off, somewhere.

I meditate.

The junior lawyer then reappears, with a clerk and a cop.

The clerk tells me, “You face charges in the death of one Wesley Prince.”

I lecture the clerk, “I was attacked, through no action of my own, by an employee of The Lozenge Corporation. I black out, during times of violence. I have no idea what happened to Wesley Prince, if that was his name. I was then arrested by police. I politely told the police, ‘I want to talk to a lawyer, now.’ The police ignored me. I have been here for several hours and I have not been permitted to make a phone call, despite my request.”

The clerk asks, “Did you know Wesley Prince?”

“To the best of my recollection, I had never seen Wesley Prince, until just before he attacked me.”

The clerk asks, “Did you argue with Wesley Prince?”
“Not at first. He shoved me and I told him to kindly keep his hands off me. He then shoved me again. That’s the last that I remember about Wesley Prince.”

After a time and a lot of waiting, I get released., but I have to come back for my arraignment hearing,

I then get a ride back to the offices of Winston Eller Smith. There, I get the bad news, “Person or persons unknown totally destroyed your car. Person or persons unknown also totally destroyed your house. What will you do?”

I answer, “I have insurance. If I can use a phone, I can get help.” I get the use of a phone and Joe Insurance arrives with a check. While I wait for Joe Insurance, I get things set up with the lawyers.

I then get a ride with Joe Insurance, to Rent-A-Car. I rent a car. I then drive to The state Department of Labor. There is no way I’m gonna get a job, but I’ll try for at least temp work.

The people at the Department of Labor tell me that it’s unlikely that I can even get temp work, but there is one possibility. They give me an address.

I drive to an area of the city that I have never visited before. It’s out at the edge of the city and the office is hidden down a little side canyon. I go in and I get interviewed by a hot looking babe. Hot looking babe talks to me, but she then talks to another woman. I then have to read a computer program design, in some sort of foreign language. I manage to translate the design to computer code. The ladies then call in a guy. Hot looking babe is normal sized. The other woman and the guy are giants, w

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