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Holiday Magic: an Isabella Hush Christmas Story: Isabella Hush Series, #3.5

46 pages37 minutes


Isabella hates all things Christmas.

But it isn't Christmas for Kindred.

It's something else entirely.

When Maddox lures Isabella out of the house on December 24 with promise of a job, she relents and gets dressed to work. She doesn't realize it will be at a Christmas party, and that the festivities are in the Shadow Bazaar. 

She finds herself in the middle of a group of Kindred on the cusp of their most sacred and savage time of year.

She shouldn't be there.

It's not for humans.

But what kind of power waits for her within the sliver of portal known as Scourge?

Can she claim it before the things in the bazaar descends into chaos?

Or will she find the gift just to lose everything else that matters?

Holiday Magic is an urban fantasy Christmas story that takes you on a journey of holiday redemption. If you love the Isabella Hush series, you will adore this Christmas story because everyone loves a hint of magic during the holidays.

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