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Roman - African American Romance

52 pages46 minutes


Although Vylette has been studying photography at USC and is finally about to graduate, she's not from Los Angeles and is still green as far as local etiquette about things such as art, public transit, and men. She's been living with Malik for two years, but their relationship is not exactly romantic. 

One day during photography class, the criticism Vyllette gets from professor Danteridge is almost too much to take, but Roman, the guy sitting next to her, offers relieving jokes and comments to make her feel better. Over the weekend, while looking for inspiration for her next assignment, Vylette stumbles across a graffiti artist vandalizing a public garage, and the encounter turns into a run in with the police. They escape to the artist's den hidden in a nightclub, and Vylette learns that the artist is none other than Roman. 

*** Standalone short story, no cliffhangers. ***

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