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The Live Ins - BWWM Interracial Billionaire Romance

116 pages1 hour


With her new billionaire lover missing, Tara must work with Denver's Live-Ins to figure out where he is. It takes a dark, investigative journey before Tara learns what happened to him, and in the process she also gets a taste of what it is like to be one of his live-in employees. 

When it seems like all hope is lost to find Denver, Tara gets a call from him telling her to follow his directions. He guides her to a secret location where they rejoice in their love, and she comes to understand why Denver disappeared. 

As more mysteries unfold about the previous chef before Tara, Denver's secret getaway is accosted by two people who want his money. Denver must protect Tara and disclose the truth about his life in order to save them both. In a near-death experience, Tara and Denver develop a bond that can only grow from an experience so traumatic. 

*** Standalone short story, no cliffhangers. ***

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