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The Pirates of Meleeon

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"True peace is not the absence of conflict, but of inner conflict..."

Elia Roquette was fascinated by the charming, purple-haired stranger, Captain Jack Rocket, and not because he had purple hair. After all, so did she, being a princess of the Meleeon Archipelago.

But he is both more and less of a stranger than she realizes, for his name isn't really Jack Rocket. It's James Roquette. He's not really a captain of one of her father's ships but of the magical Sun Catcher, the most notorious pirate ship in the waters of the Meleeon Archipelago. He longs for the quiet, respectable life of a gentleman as much as she longs for a life of adventure outside the palace walls.

Together, can they recapture the Moon Vessel and rescue Elia's fiancée, Nicolai, while unraveling the many dark secrets of their past? And can Elia show James not through material wealth and stability can true peace be found, but through the love and salvation of Christ?

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