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Pain and Principle

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Britannia, a far flung outpost of the Roman Empire, is under constant attack from the Picti, Scotti and Saxons. Caius Suetonious, Legate of Legion XX Valeria Victrix, is at the forefront of the struggle to repel the invaders. He has successes but the battles seem to go on. He takes under his protection Ursus, who has become King of Deceangli following the death of his father. The battles continue but Ursus still finds love with Angharad, a princess, who becomes his wife and forms the bedrock of his life.
Their descendants continue to battle the invaders. Artorius, grandson of Ursus, emerges as a leader in the defence of South Wales, aided by the Romans, who are under constant threat of being ordered back to Rome to shore up its weak position.
Atorius, as was his grandfather, is influenced in his decision making by a mysterious race, the Old Ones who practice ancient magic.
Artorius eventually forms a realm in South Wales and names it Camelot. Is this the origins of the legend of King Arthur?

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