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Jaxson 5: Wrath of Thunder: Black Devils MC, #5

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There's a storm coming.
Like my name, I am the storm.
Look into my eyes and you'll see the fire.
Stone-cold. Vicious. My name is an omen.
I thought I was better off running alone – until now.

Bella Rose sought refuge with our club.
A flame-haired angel with slashing emerald eyes.
She's walked through hell and lived, and that ain't easy.
Tried to blunt the past, but never forgot the terror she left behind.
Whispers in her ear, like little demons, living underneath her bed creeping.

Dangerously irresistible she's like a drug, Stirred my soul, I don't even know where my mind is.
In her, I found a desire that touched my hardened heart.
Who knew I'd meet my match in this sassy little spitfire?
She came here to me, but she did not arrive alone.

A dark hunger possesses a relentless man to track her.
Now my desire is greater than I have ever known.
I'll defy death itself. Gun down men and mafia to find her.
She's my woman and mine alone.
When I find her, I'll show my wrath.
I'm not going to let the only woman I've ever loved slip away….

The end I've always feared is coming.
My woman needs to walk away.
Even if it turns our love to ash.

No real man hurts a woman.
Not me. Not my brothers.
It's not who we are.

Right now, I can barely focus.In my mind, it burns as doubt creeps in.
I held her in my arms, swore to protect her.
Told her she was mine, and only mine – forever.
We both know my love could be her soul's demise.
To live with that guilt would be a death sentence of its own kind.
Out of nowhere, a sick madman thinks he owns her fate,
I only pray he hears my threat…
It's only over when I say it's over.

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