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The Sheikh's Online Bride: The Sheikh's Blushing Bride, #3

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Sheikh Sadiq has developed a revolutionary new dating app that he's sure will change the world, if only he can find an outrageous, attention-grabbing way of promoting it. Sure enough, he hatches the perfect plan: he, himself, is going to use it to find a wife. And the kicker? She doesn't even need to know her end in this bargain…

Hallie Richards is a faded reality star, fallen on hard times. Desperate for a chance at love, she finds the LoveMatch app, and an alluring, charismatic Middle-Eastern man within. Putting her doubts behind her, she flies to the remote Middle-Eastern nation of Al-Shyam, and meets him: Sheikh Sadiq bin Haled al Halam, fabulously wealthy, and irresistibly good-looking. They're soon inseparable, and Sadiq finds in Hallie the unlikely woman of his dreams.

But of course, the truth surely must come out. With their hearts on the line, what will happen to our online lovers when the true nature of their newfound engagement is exposed? Can they salvage an authentic love from this inauthentic arrangement?

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