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Guardians or Demons

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Meet Samantha, a 16-year-old girl who knows all too well what it is like to feel alienated, and the chance at a new life with a real family is more than she has ever hoped for.
Descendants from one of seven ancient bloodlines, most of them angels, these half breeds battle around the world trying to defeat the other bloodlines in the search of religious artefacts; the possession of which can have devastating consequences if they fall into the wrong hands.
Samantha is taught family secrets, and how to protect herself from others who will try to take those secrets, but even with all she is learning, there is much still left unanswered. Looks and even feelings can be deceiving. She has no reason to believe her new family is evil, but what if she is wrong?
When Samantha is given her first mission, to recover a stone pendent, she must use caution, lest she fall in love with the enemy. Though, he is not the only one after her heart.
This story will take you on a journey as one girl discovers why Nephilim are still on earth, and what her destiny is in the grand design between the battle of good and evil yet to come, while still reminding us what it means to be human; to hope, to fall in love, to suffer, and to overcome all odds.

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