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A Load Of Bullocks

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From the First World War through to the Swinging Sixties, Pamela Denny's A Load of Bullocks is a vibrant East End family saga.
The Bullocks are a handsome family and with good looks come temptations, some innocent, some leading to events that live to haunt. When Frank Bullock comes back from the front with a savaged leg that might well have been amputated, he begins to sire an East End dynasty, but not only with his wife.
Past the Second World War and there is money to be made out rebuilding the bombed out East End; and who better than Barry Bullock to lead the way - the once quiet boy, vaguely aware of his father's indiscretions, determined to make a better fist of life.
A Load of Bullocks is an absorbing and entertaining read; a glimpse into the hard life that once shaped the East End of London.

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