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Holy Spirit: The Forgotten God

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In the Christian world-view today, God is greatly adored and glorified, so too is Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God. But not so much is said of the Holy Spirit. It seems He is ‘forgotten.’ This book “Holy Spirit the Forgotten God” gives a classical revelation of the Holy Spirit who though is somewhat forgotten in the world, today, but He is the God who is in charge of this era, known as ‘the Era of the Holy Spirit.’ Scripture affirms the fact that Jesus had promised not to leave us as orphans (when the time of his departure had come), that he would ask the father and He would give us another helper who would take his place. This book, however, gives a complete exposition of; the etymology of the Holy Spirit; His origin; who the Holy Spirit is; symbols of the Holy Spirit; His Titles; teachings of the Church about Him; the role he played in creation; His many functions in our lives; the Holy Spirit and the Church; why Christians need Him in our time; how the Old and New Testaments view Him; His many gifts; how He may be received now and many more expositions that will blow your mind. This book is a must-have for anyone who wants to encounter the ultimate power in the whole wide world.

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