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Her Legacy: Family by Choice, #30

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Nothing matters, if only love endures the unexpected darkness.

A simple sentence that launched the first five books in the Family by Choice series.

Brittany and Tommy. Jack and Stephanie. Julie and Bill. These characters have become my family and it has been an honor and a privilege to write them into existence.

But it's time for this chapter to end.

Brittany and Tommy's story was always about love and family. Two broken souls in need of awakening.

Jack and Stephanie were the ignition.

Julie and Bill were the glue.

Tommy and Brittany were the reason.

When approaching the final installment of the series, I wanted to be sure to honor the characters and give them an ending worthy of their importance.

There will be tears and laughter.

Some will never be the same.

But there is always, always hope.

It's not just about the life we lead, but the impact we make on the world.

Brittany always wanted that impact to matter.

What's left behind is her legacy.

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