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Protecting Nicole - BWWM Bad Boy Bodyguard Romance

53 pages43 minutes


Nicole thought Remy could've been the one. He was charming, handsome, and had his life together. Not to mention he didn't seem to be hung up on the fact that Nicole's mom was none other than the famous Ronnie James, a successful singer, actress, and music producer. That was, until Nicole found Remy's closet of Ronnie James super fan collections. Wanting nothing to do with Remy, Nicole ended things with him. Until Remy proves to be more zealous than Nicole could have ever imagined. He harasses Nicole until she has no choice but to hire a bodyguard. The ex-Navy SEAL is both capable and not to mention incredibly handsome. Micah was attracted to Nicole from the first moment he set eyes on her and vise versa. Will their attraction lead to anything more? Or will the threat of Remy snuff out any relationship between Micah and Nicole before it could even begin? 

*** Standalone short story, no cliffhangers. ***

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