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Off The Field - BWWM Bad Boy Football Romance

58 pages52 minutes


Emily was in between jobs and just trying to get back on her feet. Leaving a job interview with the New England Calvary, she had been full of hope of joining their first-rate medical team as a physical therapist. For the first time in a long time, she had been optimistic about the future. That's when star quarterback Adonis Goodman crashed into her life. With his fancy sports car and charismatic smile, Emily was not prepared for the upheaval he caused. 

Two seconds, that's all it took. Not even the length of time to throw a winning touchdown, or block an opponent, and Adonis' life crashed, literally, into Emily. Pulling a beautiful woman from a burning car is not how he saw his day going. But, here is, trying to get her out before they both bite it. 

When he is attracted to her but she can't stand the site of him, Adonis kicks it up a notch and unleashes his dazzling charm. Will that be enough to penetrate Emily's tough shell and even tougher heart? 

** Standalone short story, no cliffhangers. 

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