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Catalonia - Legal Procedure: Catalonia, #2

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Spain is locked in an existential crisis.

The state judicial system – Constitutional Court, National Supreme Court and local regional judicial systems are locked in a deadly fight with independentist organizations and their leaders over the destruction of the kingdom.

Understand the dynamics of this legal battle, which has lasted more than a year now, but has only just begun.

Two political blocks almost equal in size have been vying for power sine the early 1900s. When the socialists tried to install a  Soviet style dictatorship in 1936, General Franco threw the corrupt politicians out and a bloody civil war followed.

After General Franco died, the old political clans re-emerged and wrote the present Spanish Constitution 1978.

This Constitution has an in-built self destruction for Spain as a country – comprehensive powers to artificially constructed administrative and political regions.

Local politicians helped write this Constitution, because they wanted the power to build their own autonomous kingdoms.

In theory the Spanish Constitution 1978 is a great work of democracy.

But when you make the growing independentist vote the swing factor, the king maker, the arbiter between the conservatives and the socialists, the most corrupt politicians will sell the interests of the kingdom for their own personal benefit.

Learn from the local media how the independentists have brainwashed the children for nearly 50 years, creating a large cohort with fanatic almost religious zeal, founded in fabrication and falsification of history.

Learn how they threaten the judges, charged with upholding the law, to obtain immunity from that law, from the Constitution their own politicians helped to write. Learn from the media, how secret networks all over Europe support the destruction of Spain, out of self-interest, and simply for the fun of it

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