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Tears Before Bedtime

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From England to the beaches of Normandy to a POW camp in Thailand, this is the true-life story of a British Royal Navy veteran of World War II. In this moving memoir, E.R. Rhodes shares his personal story of faith, love, and loss.

Readers are transported to a war-torn time of rations, bombings, and young men leaving to fight and never coming home. Rhodes is too young to serve; still, he can think of little else. He faces seemingly insurmountable obstacles, but Rhodes's clever and not above using questionable methods to achieve his goals. Before anyone can intervene, he signs up for His Majesty's Royal Navy. This isn't just about a lifelong dream of sailing the seas, nor is it strictly his sense of duty; he has promised the young woman he loves that he will find and bring home her beloved brother, who is being held as a POW in Thailand. It's a promise that buoys him across the seas and through hilarity and horror.

In Tears Before Bedtime, Rhodes uses his humanity, humour, and wit to recount the remarkable bonds he forges with his fellow servicemen and women, the strength of his faith in God, and the capacity for man to find light in the darkest of places.

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