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The Golden Sword

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Galactic Spectrum Award nomination • Locus Recommended Reading List • Epic fantasy series with character-driven intrigue and spectacular magic
Camden was destined by birth and tradition to serve the Flame, the supreme power in the kingdom of Branion. But it was not the Flame which called to him—it was the Wind.
Drawn to this Aspect yet forced to keep his talent secret, Cam felt alienated from his own family, forbidden to become who he was meant to be. Then his uncle, Celestus, offered Cam a temporary refuge at his own home. And suddenly a world of possibilities opened for Cam.
For three of his cousins were also staying with his uncle: Danielle, who felt the call of the Sea; Quinton, whose chosen Aspect was Oaks; and Alisha, daughter of the Branion ruler and vessel of the Flame itself.
What at first seemed the most wonderful haven was fated to become something far different. Celestus’ plan for Cam and his cousins’ training was to commit the ultimate heresy. And the Flame Champions would not stand idly by while this Circle of power grew until they could threaten all of Branion....

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