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Steve Sloan: Aftermath

81 pages1 hour


This is the second book in the Litrpg-ish, fantasy series.
Steve, Andy and the rest of the Abby's Bottom villagers have just overcome their biggest challenge yet in defeating the beast army. Now's the time to regroup and plan as they know there will be far greater challenges ahead. Steve knows he needs to improve as do the rest of the front line force. Steve first needs to deal with his own issues before tackling those of the village. He with the help and support of his friends must rapidly move on and advance or potentially suffer the consequences. Steve hatches a plan... that plan is to take two of the most inexperienced fighters he has on a dungeon crawl, stupid right? Will they all make to back home alive or will there be more tragedy ahead.
This is the official second book in the Steve Sloan series, but it's advised that you read Eli's Rebellion which was 1.5 of the series.
This book contains strong language, sexual references, inappropriate humour, and bigotry.

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