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Lose Weight, Stay in Shape, Lead a Healthy Life

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How can you eat as much as you desire while remaining slim and attractive for life, enjoying a good health and a youthful vitality? How can you regain and maintain your health indefinitely? How can you prolong your life as much as you desire? These are essential questions and you should prioritize them in life always!
You may easily lose weight and achieve your good health throughout life, since your body and mind stay slim and healthy as long as they are never harmed or unbalanced. You may always learn more about your subconscious mind and your physical body in order to achieve harmony, and this is what this book studies. You may learn how to cooperate and live in harmony with them in order to achieve your common goals throughout life: sustained happiness, health and vitality, homeostasis, proper bodily weight, continuous health, among many others.
This book teaches you everything about health, nutrition, and fitness to help you remain slim, healthy, vigorous, happy, vibrant, and attractive throughout life. You may find here the truth about all problems and illnesses in health and nutrition, and how to avoid them. Now you may understand how medicine, drugs, and food additives affect you in life positively and negatively, and how they switch your body from one mode of life to another with or without your consent. If you are searching for the perfect program and lifestyle offering you health, good looks, fitness, youth, and vitality, this book is for you.

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