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Body Parts: Lyrical Poetry Or Poetic Lyrics For A Band To Be Named Later, Vol. 2

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Controversial author and poet George Pappas continues his experiment in lyrical poetry in his provocative fourth collection of poems titled, BODY PARTS. Pappas first explored turning his lyrics into poetic verse in his previous poetry compilation, THE HOLLYWOOD HOMELESS.

Pappas’ latest collection features poetic lyrics dating back to the late 1990s and early 2000s. Inspired by his love for popular music, specially rock and roll of all types, in these poems, you’ll discover stories about society’s obsession with looks and fame in the pursuit of elusive happiness (BODY PARTS, CELEBRITY DISEASE, MYSTERY FOOL); government oppression and the true violence of silence (A CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE, UNMARKED GRAVES, WHEN BULLETS FALL LIKE RAIN, NO SUNSHINE HERE, LET’S DO THE CRAWL, LET IT SLIDE, FREEDOM LIE); an innocent man on death row seeking a last minute reprieve (DEATH ROW DREAMS); a gambler stranded in Sin City (LAS VEGAS BLUES); government power hidden in the shadows (MISERY, INC, SHADOW GOVERNMENT); souls forgotten on our city streets (WALKING WOUNDED, DEAD EYES, OBLITERATED); those left behind by the economy (WISHFUL THINKING, NO SECOND CHANCES, NO TRACE, MOONLIGHT OVER MISERY, LIVING IN A WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN, BOTTOM-LINE DISEASE, SOUL OUT ON LOAN, I AM A GHOST HAUNTING MY LIFE); love gone wrong (CRIMES OF NO PASSION, OUR POINT OF NO RETURN, LOVE TROUBLE, SENDING YOUR BITTER REGARDS, FREEWAY HEART, STRANGERS STILL, A DIVIDE-AND-CONQUER LOVE AFFAIR, YOUR KIND OF PASSION, BREAKUP DAY); infidelity, heartbreak, and the confusion of modern love (FORBIDDEN LOVE, OH, ANNA, WE’RE NOT FRIENDS, WE’RE NOT LOVERS, SHREDDED SOULS AND JADED HEARTS, BORED AGAIN); those grappling with aftermath of violence and societal indifference (I DON’T KNOW, SLEEPING RAGE, WE’RE NOT BLAMELESS, VICTIMS OF RAGE); spin doctors (A LIAR’S LIAR, SPIN THIS, KING OF SLICK); those turning to alcohol to hide their loneliness (BARROOM EYES, YOUR DRUNKEN RAGES); seedy politicians and powerbrokers (LOWLIFE, YOU GIVE ME THE CREEPS; THE REAL FREAKS, POSEUR), a mob boss (GANGSTER STAR); faded dreams of youth (GROWING COLD, THINGS WE THREW AWAY, LETTING GO, DON’T BLAME YOU ANYMORE, A STRANGER IN MY SKIN); police brutality and murder (WHO CAN YOU TRUST? SHOT IN THE BACK); and Hollywood illusions and lost dreams (HOLLYWOOD LIES, DREAM-BUSTED, BITTER SMILE, SUNBURNED, DREAMLESS, DREAM-SHY, AN EMPTINESS I CAN’T FILL, THE BIG KISS-OFF, FADE-AWAY TIME, HOW MANY MORE HEARTBEATS?, DRIFTING).

These 101 poems explore the dark side of love, loneliness, Hollywood dreams, life in Southern California, economic inequity, death, and life’s mysteries and hard-fought victories.

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