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Obnoxious Businessman Becomes A Crossdressing Sissy Maid

23 pages23 minutes


When Evan, a powerful and confident businessman acts inappropriately and rude towards a hotel maid during his stay at a 5 star hotel.

The last thing he expects is to be knocked down several pegs.

But the maid, Camilla, doesn’t stand for the humiliation.

And she starts to hatch an evil plan with her fellow maids to teach the businessman the ultimate lesson.

An unforgettable lesson where the maids uses their sexual prowess to strip Evan of his masculinity, feminizing and sissifying him......... they parade him around the prestigious hotel in his own Sissy Maid outfit.

This 6,000 word short story contains adult themes of crossdressing, sissification, feminization, male humiliation and should be read by adult only!

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