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The Castle Of Stolen Dreams

159 pages2 hours


A story which will keep you guessing until the very end. An adventure which follows an extraordinary girl who lives in an ordinary town. One morning Martha awakened early, only to find that her family had all disappeared without trace. Martha started searching for them all over the house and down to the cellar, where she met a stranger, a girl called Katy. Katy encouraged Martha to follow her into an old wooden chest in the corner of the cellar, the gateway to an enchanted kingdom. She found herself trapped in a strange fantasy world with no apparent way back. This is a story full of surprises, shocks and strange twists. Katy joins Martha on her quest to return home, where she meets Hugger-Mugger, Lord Tinticus, Dandy Fickle, Chanda Duly and other people and animals who try to help her. She finds other trapped children on the way, who follow her on the way to the King’s castle. To return home, Martha has to find the King of Spurious, who is the only person who can set her free. Will she find her way home, or will she be trapped forever?

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