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Moment in Time



“Time changes everyone.”

Everything has changed. Buildings, the landscape, the country, the people, life. Mya remembers the past—some of it—and believes the future is too hard. It’s been years and she is still alone, lost in memories, her heart aching for her love. Her Highlander. Kayden.

She travels to Scotland and as she passes through, more memories return. The stag. Her friends. The war. Her prince.

Unsure if she can find the pieces of the puzzle of her life again, she returns to a place where all her memories seem to focus on. The crashing waves, the rolling hills… and Kayden.

Will Mya and Kayden find a way through the loophole of time? Will they remember enough of the past… and control their future?

“Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.”

Moment in Time Series:
#1 - Highlander's Bride
#2 - Victorian Bride
#3 - Modern Day Bride
#4 - A Royal Bride
#5 - Forever the Bride

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