From the Shark to Heralds of Annihilation

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From the Shark to Heralds of Annihilation

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Mayan gods had escaped in their magnificent temple pyramid space vessels into various sectors of the galaxy away from a great flood destroying Earth because of the evil of humans. But, before the ‘Great God’ who was the god above all the gods, ordered destroyed all creation on Earth, many gods from the Mayan ancients gathered genetic materials of humans’, plants’, and animals’ to start again in another part of the galaxy.
All seemed wonderful in the beginning on the new planets between the gods. The Mayan gods enjoying their creation of life on once lifeless planets throughout the various sectors of the galaxy. Many of the Mayan gods pleased with humans living in harmony with creation and them.
Eons have since passed since the beginning of the Mayan gods settling in this sector of the galaxy and the creation of life for the humans on many planets and moons. Some of the powerful Mayan gods’ hearts turn to evil. These gods boldly desire a simpler time to create another set of humans more suitable to meet their godly needs without all the technological and civilization advances that the humans have made. These gods logic was that if the ‘Great God’ could order the destruction of humans, so could they.
After eons of studying the stars in their new sectors of the galaxy, the Protector Mayan gods learn of another ‘End of Times’ prophesy is soon to be fulfilled throughout the galaxy for many of the Mayan gods and of humans. The stars tell some of the Mayan gods the time is at hand to seek out the two chosen champions hidden among all the planets and moons. These champions will need to be found and protected as they will be the heralds of who among the many Mayan gods and humans will live or die in spectacular planets’ battles and space battles in the fulfillment of the prophesy.

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