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American Dictator - The New Republic

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American Dictator - the New Republic is now available! In this exciting sequel to American Dictator – Changing of the Guard, the events of the previous novel proceed in unexpected ways. As many of the president's inner circle had feared, the power and influence of an enormously popular president can be benign in his hands, but such power can be easily abused by successors.

The power that Howell had enjoyed is used to set into motion plans to improve the country by silencing critics, at first subtly and then more directly. From veiled threats to questionable suicides and internment of radicals, fanatics, and other undesirables in secret compounds in remote locations, the state of the American Republic is shifting into more and more dangerous territory. Harsh tactics foil terrorist attacks on American soil, but the Howell advisors see the apprehension they'd had under Howell's administration becoming all too real.

Intrigue and secret plans, resistance and defiance culminate in a true assault on the American presidency in an effort to save the United States of America. Loyalties, alliances and old friendships are tested as each person in and out of the administration must examine themselves and their commitment to the country.

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