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The Sea Of Goondocks

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What is the connection between the hard Scot William MacKenzie, the sweet princess Charlotte de Shih, the gentle Dutchman Edward Van Pieterzoon, the extravagant Englishman Peter Hawkyns and the authoritarian Captain Marlow? They are members of the crew on the St. Barbara that recruits the girls and boys who want to be part of a fantastic adventure in the Sea of Goondocks. Miki, Tommi and Gio don’t hold back when the St. Barbara appears out of nowhere and they board the ship and then the Platform. The equilibrium of the Sea of Goondocks has been set off balance and the Book, full of the history and mystery that regulates the Sea of Goondocks, has been stolen. Will the crew of Raftland under the perfidious Captain Morgan ally with our friends confront a common enemy? 

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