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Philip "The Stick" Kovolick Jewish Mobster Meyer Lansky Associate

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Meyer Lansky lieutenant Phil "the Stick" Kovolick was a prominent mobster beginning in the Prohibition era. With Lansky he was involved in narcotics and gambling. He also worked as a chauffeur for the Mafia. Of Russian-Jewish descent, Kovolick was also a close associate of Abner "Longie" Zwillman. Kovolick was vice-president of Teamsters Local 805 in New York City. In this endeavor he worked in tandem with Abe Gordon, a Johnny Dio associate. Dio, a notorious garment trade enforcer, called a hit on labor muckracker Victor Riesel. A syndicated columnist who exposed underworld infiltration of the Mafia, Riesel was blinded by acid thrown at him as he exited Lindy's Restaurant in Manhattan.

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