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The Hidden King (The Brothers of Destiny) Book one

374 pages5 hours


Two warriors, masters of conflict, one disciplined, stoical and focussed, the other, wild of nature, savage of disposition. Both fashioned as mankind’s saviours; a powerful, jealous Krarl rejected by all, a noble Morgan responsible for future peace, still uncertain of his direction.
Morgan, a supreme Battle Lord with mysterious powers, hides himself as an adviser to parochial kings. Exposed by fate, war finds him in the form of an ambitious general representing the greedy empire of the Protectorate. With his forces defeated in the field and his king killed, Morgan flees with his young protégé Nathaniel.
The ensuing journey is fraught with hardship, strife, betrayal and close order combat, as Morgan seeks out old alliances to seize back what has been unjustly taken. Is Kingship truly his aim? Viewed with suspicion, his task is further complicated by the unfathomable, age-old relationship between him and his twin who harbours a deep-seated bitterness towards his brother’s destiny.

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