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Gay Erotica Bundles



Get in on the gay love scene with this spicy erotic bundle!

♡ Hephaestus Motorcycle Club: Arizona's never been so hot as in this steamy erotic romance.

Adam is fresh out of high school and on the road trying to find himself and some independence. His mom might not ever forgive him for hitchhiking across the US alone, but at least his dad promised to keep the money flowing.

Things were fine until a crazy old lady left him stranded in the middle of the Arizona desert. No one will stop for him, and the unbearably hot day is quickly turning into a frigid night.

Out of the darkness, an unlikely savior arrives. Chuck's not exactly the kind of person you expect to be riding a motorcycle through the desert, but he's handsome and he's kind enough to offer Adam a ride into Phoenix. He happily takes him up on the offer.

When a rival gang blows up Chuck's bike while Adam and Chuck are both sleeping, though, a once innocent young man finds himself thrust into the dangerous world of motorcycle gangs, guns, and drugs. Will he survive long enough for his one night stand with Chuck to turn into something more?

♡ Wrestling My Roommate: It's like torture having such a sexy roommate. When a heated argument between two roommates turns into sexually-charged wrestling, things quickly get out of hand.

Both men quickly realize that they've secretly needed each other for a long time.

♡ Forbidden Transformation: Thin and lonely, all James wants is a normal life. He wants sex, and friends, and to be cool. When he's invited to a party in the woods, for a second he thinks he might get all that, but when he's let down he storms away. Being alone in the woods at night is dangerous, though, and werewolves lurk around every corner...

This hot bundle of homo love has the following sexual themes:
Gay sex
Anal sex
Oral sex
Age difference

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